The Honest To God Truth

As real as it gets

on May 18, 2014

My writing is the voice the falls on deaf ears.
So many things have happened in these past few months and I have failed to do the one thing I know helps me sort all of this mess out. I haven’t written a thing.
Some might call it

writer’s block

but I consider it me not knowing what the he’ll to even say, or even how to think myself out of this mess.
Our financial situation has been one huge seriously unfunny reality television show.
Personally I have not been a person That has a hard time finding a job. Me no not me. But somehow I too have been caught up in this crazy nonsense the world is calling a recession.
For me it’s the end of the world. First I was like ok, as long as one of us has a job we will make it. We will get through it as long as we keep our faith strong in God.
But see the thing with faith is that, we’ll when your married it takes 2 to make everything work. Which means
I can have all the faith in the world, I can pray until my face turns purple, but if my husband is not on the same page with me.
He loved God
He kinda trust God?
Basically his spiritual level and mine are in two different places right now. Don’t get me wrong my baby loves the Lord.
However things in his life have been tragic to say the least. I also have go admit that sometimes the way things happen it almost seems like someone is playing a huge joke on us. Like not a funny joke but a cruel, insanely insensitive joke.
Me, being the Superwoman lol
Thinks that I can go to God for the both of us. Like I can pray to God for my husband and I.  I have recently learned  This couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

After I started getting a few job offers and I started to plan out what we were going know to save and how we were going to dig ourselves out of debt guess what happens?
My husband gets fired because he got hurt on the job.
Now how do I go to God about this. At this point my faith is still strong But I’m starting to panic. How are we going to eat. What are we going to do about our bills. Where do we go I felt like We were cursed. But it made me think.back to what everyone kept telling me.  Once your married you don’t stop praying, you have to pray a little harder. While I can’t go to God for my husband we can still go to him together and pray for a stronger faith. I feel like God is stripping us down and making us brand new. At this moment while I’m writing this I even feel kind of lucky. I know people that would completely crumble in situations like this. They wouldn’t know what to do. But by going through these trials I know we can make it through anything. I know that with God and our ability to work with each other in peace we can get through anything.  It does make me kind of nervous to say things like this because trust me I don’t want to go through anymore or anything worse but I’m just grateful for the testimony. 
We are not in the best place in our lives right now. We are actually at a pretty low point. I don’t know what will happen next or if the storm is over just yet Lol. But I do know that we have yet to go hungry. I also know that all of our bills are paid so far.  I know that we have a roof over our heads, and even some new clothes on our backs that we didn’t purchase. We have each other and we our growing in God together as a unit. I pray for my husband daily. I pray that his and my faith continues to grow. I pray that the Lord bless us with all our hearts desire. But most of all I am eternally grateful that God gave me such a remarkable man to go through all of this with. Consider me blessed Through all out mess! !! Good day.  Be Blessed!




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